How It Works?

Input Photo

Upload Your Photo

When adding your BumpyPhoto item to the shopping cart, you will be prompted to include a photo file. We can work from any photo although best results are obtained when it is clear, well-illuminated and the highest resolution available to you. Please review our Photo Guidelines for more details.

2-D to 3-D Conversion

Our highly-skilled designers assisted by sophisticated software will then model a 3D depthmap from your 2D flat photo. This is what gives the BumpyPhoto its shape and lifelike appearance. The conversion task takes longer the more people or objects there are in the scene. This is reflected in the prices of the 2D-3D conversion in the product options. Once the 3D color depthmap is produced, we can optionally email you a preview for approval before manufacturing.

2D-3D Conversion step
Output BumpyPhoto in 3 different sizes


Using cutting-edge 3D printing manufacturing technologies pioneered by the prototyping industry, we create your very own custom-made super-realistic 3D relief sculpture in full 24-bit color. Your item is made of a hard plaster-like composite and will be shipped to your doorstep.

Link to high-resolution gallery photos: Gallery Photos