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Convert a photo into a 3D color relief model, depthmap or heightmap for 3D Printing.

Please read the description below for details.

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Convert a photo into a 3D color depth-map aka heightmap / heightfield / 3D-plus-depth.

Please select the 2D-to-3D pricing option in the drop-down boxes above appropriate for your photo. The cost increases with the number of people, if it's just their faces, their upper-torsos or their full bodies or if any pets or complex objects are present. Please refer to Photo 2D-3D Example Gallery for examples of how photos were categorized depending on the subjects present in the photo.

We can only convert faces, full bodies, pets, cars, building or objects into 3D. The background is going to appear as mostly flat with some minor surface detail. The resulting relief has less proportional depth behind the faces or figures than the actual faces or figures would have, when measured in the real world.

Bumpy Photo 2D-to-3D Conversion - Photo Content

Turn around time is typically 3-6 business days, but we are looking to reduce this soon. If you are on a timeline, please include a comment in your order.

The photo is converted to a textured 3D surface available in the following forms:

  • Surface : A bitmap-texture 3D surface with flat edge and a horizontal base. Best option if you plan to add thickness yourself in your CAD software.
  • Shell : Same as above except we add thickness to the surface by using the 3DS Max Shell modifier. The model is ready for 3D printing and material usage is minimized. For best results, we suggest using the 3D Systems Projet series color 3D printers such as the Projet 660 Pro. On request, we can include the source Max file so you can change the shell thickness as needed.
  • Solid : The surface is turned into a voluminous closed solid with increased 3D printing material usage. Useful where material costs are not a major concern like the MCor Iris paper 3D printers.

We can store the 3D model store as:

Download our Example 3D Depthmap Files 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4. These 3D files are meant for sample purposes only (such as for making 3D print samples).

License Terms:

The BumpyPhoto 2D-to-3D conversion process converts a photo to a 3D depth map (not a full 360 deg model) and comes with some limitations. The accuracy of the 3D representation of some of the photo's subjects is open to interpretation as the real depth information is not available. Surface information unseen in the original photo will not be represented in the resulting 3D surface. For example, shape detail behind a person's head will not be represented in the surface, instead the edges of the visible head will intersect with the photo background without representing the back of the head as in real life. Some color stretching and irregular surfaces might be present on the 3D surface. Sometimes we may alter the pixel data in the input photo to improve realism - if you prefer the original pixel data you can simply copy the original photo data over that of the 3D model's texture file. Please contact us if you feel the 3D surface needs retouching/revising and we will do our best to address your feedback.

BumpyPhoto will not be held responsible for poor quality 3D prints resulting from our 3D models. For best results, additional manipulation to the 3D model might be necesssary such as hole filling, watertight enforcement, smoothing, wall thickness analysis with tools such as Meshlab, Meshmixer, Magics Materialise, 3DS Max, Accutrans, Netfabb, Geomagic or PolyWorks.

By purchasing and downloading a 3D model from BumpyPhoto, you agree to the terms of the User License Agreement below. This is not an agreement of ownership. This license is non-transferable. If you do not agree to the terms, you are not permitted to use 3D models. Please read the terms carefully.

Purchase of our custom-made 3D models grants you ongoing, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to make use of the digital 3D models for commercial or private 3D printing uses. This license makes no limitation as to how many copies nor the size of the resulting physical reliefs. All 3D printed items manufactured from the 3D models can be distributed for free or for commercial gain.

You may not rent, lease, resell, sublicense, distribute, lend nor transfer 3D models, or any copy or portion of 3D models, without BumpyPhoto's prior written consent. You may not share 3D models with other business entities (e.g. your advertising agency, dealer, subsidiary, parent company, service bureau, etc.) nor use 3D models at more than one physical location except where explicitly agreed with BumpyPhoto.

The resulting 3D prints must mention our trademark 'BumpyPhoto' in the product name, title or description including on advertising material, websites or storefront displays.

International pending patents are seeking protection for 3D color reliefs worldwide. Production of 3D color reliefs without explicit consent from BumpyPhoto may result in action being taken under the law.

As between you and us, you own all content that you submit to BumpyPhoto or have authorization to do so.

The license rights granted under this Agreement will immediately and automatically terminate without notice if you fail to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement. The balance of the Agreement shall survive any such termination of license rights.

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